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Mass Retailers

Marr Bros., Inc. specializes in assisting mass retailers within our region with service providers for manufacturers we represent. Our number one goal is for your customers to have an overall great repair experience while their piece of equipment is in need of repair. It does not matter if it is a warranty or everyday service, the experience should be the same.

Marr Bros adds value to the items you sell by:

  • Maintaining a Dealer Service Network to perform warranty and regular maintenance service to the equipment you sell.

  • Maintaining high inventory levels.

  • Maintaining high fill rates.

  • Offering same day shipping on parts.

  • Staffing a first rate Customer Service Support group to assist mass retailers, dealers and consumers alike.

And so much more.......

Marr Bros. has partnered with numerous manufacturers to assist in this type of service.

If you are a mass retailer with a manufacturer we represent, give us a call so we can help you offer a great service experience to your customer.

© 2024 Marr Bros., Inc. All rights reserved.
© 2024 Marr Bros., Inc. All rights reserved.